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easing back in

A Convincing Argument

I slip in bed, you’re barely awake, I utter a single word: f—-.

It’s more than a want, it’s evolved into a need, I really want to f—-. 

This morning, I wish we had more time and luck

All you did was lick my twat when I suggested we f—-. 

Don’t you remember your first blush of adolescence?  It sucked

When everyone fumbled around awkwardly and didn’t get to f—-. 

Can we make things interesting?  Let’s explore, I’ll get the duct

tape.  Heightened sensations?  Attempts at bondage?  Let’s f—-. 

I stroke, I wander, I look at your body stirring, waking up. 

Are you ready and willing?  Don’t say a word.  I’m under the covers!  Let’s f—-. 

Dirty ghazals!  So fun.